Skyrocket Sales with the Power of Video

Video is everywhere. It’s how we communicate, entertain, learn, and of course advertise. It’s popular because it’s engaging and preferred by consumers. Video provides effortless consumer engagement while authentically showcasing your products and company’s brand story.

Video is effortless for consumers. It is much easier for them to be enticed with a video than reading an article or flipping through the newspaper. People like watching video so much that entire careers have been created by filming and sharing just about anything. So many trends have grown through videos on the internet, why don’t you use it to grow your business?

A video plants a memory of you, your business, and products in someone’s mind. Seeing video allows someone to put a face to the name in a sense. Consumers will see an example of your products, your business name and maybe even what your building looks like. A video encourages consumers to remember you and your business when they’re ready to go shopping.

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Video builds trust. Most consumers do research online before buying to make sure they get the best product and price from the best business. The business with a captivating online presence will be the one to earn that trust and the sale. A video invokes emotion and shows consumers who you are. When they see a video, it gives comfort that they will get what they are looking for and most importantly, won’t be swindled. Your relationship starts before the customer walks through your door and the best way to make a good first impression is with video content.

In a world of scrolling, video stands out. Gone are the days of twiddling thumbs because they’re busy mindlessly scrolling. A video gives a break to that routine, an opportunity to look at something new for the consumer and a chance for you to catch a sale.

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You may already know the most popular video sharing site is YouTube but, did you know there are so many other ways to promote your business through video? Buffer’s annual State of Social report shows that video is also popular on social media platforms like Facebook. Including video in your marketing strategy sets you apart by engaging consumers through a channel they enjoy and creating a memorable impression of your business.

Video content is a great way to reach consumers because it is memorable, effortless and enjoyable but it is also versatile and doesn’t take much to implement. It is easily shareable and simple to integrate into your existing marketing tools.

  • A video can be placed on your website. Websites that include video are actually more likely to reach the front page of Google search results. 53 times more likely.
  • That video on your website can be linked in marketing emails, driving traffic to your website and creating a memory through video.
  • Video can be used as targeted ads on social media, web search and other people’s videos so you know it will reach potential customers.
  • Sharing it as a social media post on your own account makes your business stand out and brings engagement to your social media pages.

Watch the video!

Video production may seem daunting but that’s no reason not to go for it. No one expects their favorite local business to produce a super bowl ad. They are looking to learn about you. Video is a way to connect with consumers and show them who you are. That will be appreciated no matter the level of production.

Even so, there’s no reason you can’t have a quality video to share without the stress of creating it yourself. Video may seem intimidating at first but it’s not something you need to tackle on your own. Your trusted marketing agency will help you develop a video that works great for your company. With many options to choose from you just have to pick what you want to feature, and we do the rest. Explore the power of video by contacting a Banner Marketing rep today.