4 Digital Marketing Trends to Elevate Your Business In 2023

Trends are constant and evolving in the world of consumerism and although every person may not be able to keep up with constantly changing trends, digital marketing strategies are definitely an area to keep up on with the latest and greatest. Creating an online presence that covers the entire customer journey helps generate brand awareness but is also the best strategy to reach your target audience. Staying up to date on the most recent data and ways to market your business is the best way to stay visible in the marketplace and keep customers coming back. To help our clients stay ahead of the competition, we’ve identified four of our top digital marketing solutions. Read on to learn more and reach out to Banner Marketing.

1. High Impact Digital Solutions

If you haven’t taken advantage of some of the great digital marketing solutions out there, 2023 is the time to start! This can be simple, things like auditing your website to make sure it’s performing the best it could to more active solutions like a fully customized Digi-Navigator promotion. Combining email, digital circulars and other impactful digital programs like geo-fencing and targeted digital ads will take your business to the next level in 2023.

2. Social Media Strategy

Engaging in social media platforms is important for your business’ brand. It gives you visibility and credibility to potential and longtime customers. There are many more benefits to social media like additional advertising avenue, a way to connect with customers and sales conversions. All this can be great but, utilizing social media for your business is pointless without a well thought out strategy. You should know what you want to get out of social media for your business, so your marketing team can tailor posts to reach those goals. An occasional post will keep your social pages active but won’t make much of a difference in reaching business goals.

If you don’t know what you want or should be getting out of social media marketing, no worries! Your marketing team can help identify those needs and make you a purposeful, customized strategy to help your business succeed. Social media posting is great, but strategy is key. Banner Marketing’s social team is great at pinpointing realistic social media marketing goals and developing a strategy to reach them.

3. Digital Experiences

Shopping may look different than it used to but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide great customer experiences in the digital world. Events, contests and customer interactions are all still available digitally for a truly great shopping experience from the comfort of wherever your customers are. There are different ways to curate digital experiences through your business. If you are new to the space, trying different digital experiences and contests could be a great way to gauge customer engagement and find out what works for your business.

Digital experiences could look like a text message marketing contest that gives customers a chance to win and your business a way to capture valuable contact information. Digital spin to win contests can be implemented in many different ways (email, social, websites) and gives a chance for smaller prizes so that every customer feels like a winner. Digital experiences can also be curated through social media platforms and even your business website.

4. Reputation Management

Every business could benefit from reputation management no matter the size. We’ve all seen PR teams in movies work as hard as they can to recover from a scandal, but everyday reputation management is far less dramatic or controversial. Reputation management is an extension of branding and making sure customers are taken care of. It’s responding to reviews (good or bad), making your business a known presence in digital spaces and connecting with customers. It’s a way to build credibility for your business while taking care of customers. Trust is hard to find online so anything your business can do to show how reputable you are is a great investment.

Are you planning to implement any of these popular marketing trends in 2023? The marketing space is constantly evolving but Banner Marketing is here to keep your business up to date with the best marketing practices to date. Contact us today to refresh your marketing strategy.

We’re here to help navigate your business success!